Registration fees for the Fall 2015 season have been set for the following time periods:

You can begin to register your child for the Fall season by clicking on the following link:

                              ONLINE CLUB REGISTRATION                    

                      Under 6 players $85  no matter when you register.

                         EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION $100 PER PLAYER
                   Regular registration after August 29th  $125 per player
                                     Multi family discounts available 
                  As stated in our initial flyer; registration never ends. However; players signing up after August 29th will be signed up with limited space availability. CJSL, however, will place the player with a nearby club if space is not available at Weldon SC.
                  Registration fees include the following:
                       - Liability coverage through CJSL and CYSA (for both Fall and Spring).
                       - League components (referees, pictures, and league expenses)
                All new players will need the following items to complete registration:
                         - Birth Certificate
                         - Current digital picture of player to be uploaded